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6 Secrets to Saving Money on Electricity Costs

Electricity costs keep rising and rising, and every time you look at your bill you most likely groan. You just can’t seem to pinpoint why your bill is so high. There are a few secrets and tricks to knowing what costs you the most to keep plugged in and a few things you can change to start saving money right away.

One of the worst offenders is phantom energy. Although it may sound like something you’ve heard from a movie, it is very real and affects many people. It comes from leaving items plugged in that consistently draw electricity to them even when they aren’t being used. These things may include cell phone chargers, computers, and televisions.

The best thing to do is to plug all of these items into a power strip and turn the strip off when you are not using them. If unplugging them each time you are done with them during the day is too much of a chore, unplug them at night while you are sleeping. You will begin to see your bill creep down.

Fans are the enemy of saving on electricity costs. Fans are a lot less costly to run than air conditioners, and they can make a huge difference in how comfortable your home feels. On average, fans can make rooms feel four degrees cooler, which allows you to turn your thermostats up to keep the air conditioner from running so much.

Fans can also make a great difference at night when the temperature outside is a lot cooler. Instead of running the air conditioner, open a window and place a fan in front of it or turn on the ceiling fans. Dress lightly to feel even better. The room will stay comfortable and you will be saving money.

Electricity companies charge extra for houses that aren’t weatherproofed. While they might not actually charge certain households more, houses that are not weatherproofed allow hot air to escape and allow the cold weather in. It can also allow hot weather in when you want to keep your house cool. Proper insulation and other measures can keep your home from losing comfort.

Old appliances need more electricity to run.The best thing you can do for yourself instead of replacing coils in an older refrigerator or buying a used appliance is to invest in an energy efficient appliance. It will cost much less to run and will work more efficiently for you.

Incandescent bulbs are more expensive to use. Higher wattage bulbs cost more to operate. LED bulbs and CFL bulbs require less wattage to light rooms just as brightly as their higher wattage incandescent bulb counterparts.

LED bulbs also do not create the heat that other bulbs do, so they are beneficial in keeping cooling costs down, too. You can find appropriate bulbs to for the fixtures you already have. They may cost more to purchase than other bulbs, but they last much longer, are more durable, and will end up paying for themselves over and over again.

Allow the power of the seasons to save money for you. When it is warm outside, hang your clothes to dry outside instead of using the dryer. When it is comfortable outside, open the windows to air out your home. Turn off the air conditioner or heater when you do this.

Just a few changes here and there throughout the year can make a big difference on your electric bills. Over time, you will save a bundle of money just by doing things a little differently or making better purchasing and improvement decisions for your home.