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Combining the Green Deal With Other Energy Efficiency Schemes

When you make your home more energy-efficient, you will enjoy greater comfort during the cold months and generate considerable savings on an annual basis. The UK government offers various types of schemes which are designed to help homeowners and tenants make improvements for achieving higher energy efficiency. One of them is the Green Deal. It offers affordable finance which you get to pay back over a period of time. The question is whether it is possible to combine this scheme with other ones which offer financial support for achieving the same goal.

Getting Finance and Saving

It is possible to combine the Green Deal with other schemes for supporting household energy saving in the UK. For this, you have to check whether you and your property will qualify by meeting the requirements for the other schemes. The Green Deal provider or installer can provide support with this. You can also research and arrange things on your own. This may involve a little bit of extra work, but the effort will be worth it.

This particular scheme offers affordable finance. You will get a loan for making the energy improvements which your home requires. The loan payments must not exceed the savings which you will generate thanks to the improvements. As a result, you will actually incur no extra costs for making your home more energy-efficient. Any person can obtain finance irrespective of their income.

Some of the other programmes available to homeowners provide grants. These are direct financial contributions so you do not have to pay back anything. These grants are typically available to low-income households and especially those receiving benefits. There are also programmes which can pay you directly for energy which is produced on your property. Check out the schemes which you can combine the Green Deal with.

Other Schemes to Consider

Energy Company Obligation or ECO is a programme via which you can obtain a grant for installing insulation or replacing your boiler via your gas or electricity supplier. The energy companies are legally required to provide support to people receiving benefits or having low income and to those owning properties which are hard to improve. Grant schemes may be available via your local authority as well.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme is designed to pay you for the energy produced in your home by green heating systems like solar panels, biomass boiler or air source or ground source heat pump. Additionally, there are feed-in-tariffs for producing your own electricity. They are paid by your energy provider.

You should definitely combine the Green Deal with other schemes for maximum benefit.