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How to Cut Your Winter Fuel Bills

There are three ways you can cut your fuel bills. Firstly you can insulate your home so that heat loss is reduced to a minimum. Secondly you can use energy efficient domestic appliances such as fridges and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and energy saving lighting. The third way is perhaps the most important. Make your heating system more efficient. If your Central Heating Boiler is inefficient then the combustion level is low producing less heat. Inefficient combustion leads to higher harmful emission mainly in the form of uncombusted particulates.

The obvious solution is to replace with a more efficient Central Heating Boiler. This could cost you thousands. There is a simpler, do it yourself, inexpensive way.

Attach the correct magnet to the fuel feed pipe of your boiler and the combustion instantly becomes cleaner, your house becomes warmer and your water becomes hotter for the same setting.

The magnet conditions the gas or oil before combustion allowing it to mix better with oxygen in air. This produces more heat for the same amount of fuel. Since the burn is cleaner, the emission level will drop significantly.

Inefficient boilers have soot build up due to poor combustion. When a magnet is used, soot deposits stop immediately and the combustion chamber will be gradually de-coked. This means that your boiler will last longer and need less servicing.

Magnets have been used since the 1940s as an energy saving device. The US Air Force used magnetic fields successfully to improve the performance of their Mustang Aircraft. The magnetic field produced greater range and better performance from poor quality fuels. It was so successful, the Royal Air Force used it on their Spitfire and Hurricane Aircrafts.

The device, however, was very heavy and cumbersome because to achieve the high magnetic fields they had to use electromagnets. Today with the development of super magnets such as neodymium, more powerful magnetic fields can be generated from magnets the size of a matchbox.

Magnets work on any combustion chamber that uses oil or gas. It is very effective when attached to cars especially on older carburettor cars where the MPG is low. In 1992, The Warren Springs Laboratories, the UK Government DTI’s own vehicle testing department, were commissioned to carry out extensive trials on the benefits of magnetic fuel conditioning technology and were very surprised by the results. Their 16-page in-depth report confirmed increased power, improved fuel economy and a reduction in harmful emissions. When the magnets were removed, the benefits were reversed.

The right magnet cost only a few pounds. A new Central Heating Boiler cost a lot more. A neodymium magnet keeps its magnetic properties for 100 years. It needs no maintenance and if you move house, simply remove and attach to the pipe leading to the Central Heating Boiler of your new home.

At present the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is still unacceptable. The best choice for home owners is re-useable energy but the installation cost is high and it takes at least ten years to recover investment. Most home owners cannot afford the conversion. They continue to use oil or gas. It is therefore very important that they make the best use of it and that is by achieving as near to 100% combustion of gas and oil fossil fuel. Attaching a magnet will help achieve this.

Copyright 2006 Dr Phil Hariram