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Renewable Energy Sources

What is a renewable energy source? A renewable resource is something that if we use it will eventually come back over time, there are many things in this world that are renewable such as trees or water. But there are things that aren’t a renewable energy source such as oil and fossil fuels which are slowly but surely running out.

But that is where Solar Panels come in. Getting Solar Panels installed to the roof of your house of business is a great thing.

A solar panel works by collecting UV rays that are sent to earth by the sun, and starts to generate electricity from them, converting them into a direct current, which then goes to an inverter which turns the electricity into an alternating current. Once it has done that then your electric is ready for you to use when you want. And any you don’t use you can sell.

Guaranteed to save yourself a nice amount of money while generating electricity is great. You can easily avoid the rising costs of fuels as well due to the fact all electricity you get will be from the panels on your roof.

So you’re probably thinking, “Oh I live/work in England what’s the point in me getting solar panels, when we get next to no sun?” That is the great thing about them, because in a way the sun is always out just behind the clouds so the panels on your roof will still be generating electricity due to the UV rays that it is collecting.

Another good thing about a solar panel for your business or your home is the feed in tariff, which was introduced a couple years ago. A feed in tariff is where you sell any electricity back to the national grid and they will get you a set amount for each KwH that you generate – Helping you get that little bit closer to the law being passed in 2019 where business have to reduce their carbon footprint, making the world just that little bit healthier. Now I think that is a good thing don’t you?

It is recommended though that you use any appliances that rely on a lot of electricity that you use them during the daytime to avoid buying it all back at night which will reduce how much money you save.

So getting solar panels for your home or business is a great idea. With multiple ways of saving you money you just can’t go wrong with one of these, so many people are getting them and are shocked at how much money they do save.

But wait there is more!

Biomass boilers another great way to save money.

A biomass boiler reduces your heating and water bill by up to 75%, which in this day and age is a lot of money. These boilers do not use typical fuels to work; it uses things like wood pellets and biomass pellets or other substances like plants or logs.

So what is a biomass pellet? A biomass pellet is basically wood it is all the shavings and wood chippings from different kinds of lumber mills and they are compressed together to make a little pellet for you to use in your boiler.

Another way a biomass boiler saves you money, is that the fuels are not transported from overseas so your transport cost goes down by a significant amount.

If you can get your own logs then you will be saving even more money due to the fact you do not have to buy any fuel for the boiler.

With the boilers being pretty much fully automatic you won’t have to do anything with them, except empty the ash from the bottom, around once a month at the most.

It is said that the best times to get a biomass boiler is if you live in an isolated area or a rural area when gas is not available for everyone to use making sure that you have a constant supply of heat and hot water, where others might struggle in these areas.

Just think of how much money you could save with getting one of these. Another great way of reducing your carbon footprint, and saving you yet again even more money I see no flaws in this.

Another good thing about a biomass boiler is that it works exactly the same way as a traditional boiler does, you won’t have to worry about your water not heating up (but you may have to wait a couple seconds extra, but what’s so bad about that?) and it heats your house to the same level as your old boiler did, making your nice and happy with that extra bit of cash in your pocket.

Now if you get both solar panels and a biomass boiler just think of how much money you can save. With bills on your water and heating being reduced by up to 75% and a feed in tariff for your solar panels and having a constant supply of heating, water and electricity in your household or business, the amount of money you can save in the long run is astronomical and it is guaranteed that you will be happy with it.

With all the renewable fuels being used from, wood pellets to plants and generating your own electricity, reducing your carbon footprint by a lot you will doing your part to make the future healthier and greener for future generations to come.