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How To Choose A Bamboo Flooring Supplier

Bamboo flooring continues to grow in popularity around the world as more and more homeowners realise the environmental benefits it offers. However, choosing bamboo flooring is an aspect many have difficulty with mainly because there is no major point of reference a consumer can turn to as with traditional flooring methods.

Not all bamboo flooring is created equal. Hardness, quality and price are all aspects that need to come under consideration as well as where and whom you purchase your product from. Let’s examine some guidelines you need to take into account before purchasing.

Quality Control

Consider how long a manufacturer has been in business. The longer the better is usually a good guide. In fact, distinguishing between a manufacturer and an importer is important. If you live in the USA for example, dealing with a locally established company gives you the advantage of knowing they are producing flooring from inception to finish and you can build a relationship with them.

On-going maintenance issues can be more easily dealt with and if a problem such as damaged goods occurs, then replacement of product is usually just a phone call away.

Importers work on the principle of finding stock for you at the most convenient prices which is an advantage in one respect, but dealing with them can be risky because they could be in business today, yet gone tomorrow. If a problem arises, who do you turn to?

Hardness Factor Of Bamboo Flooring

One of the attractions of bamboo flooring is it’s durability. However, with over a thousand species of bamboo, how do you know which one to choose. Dealing with a manufacturer in this instance is a big plus because they have done their homework. A company which has been in business for several years will have settled on a product which has been successfully used by many homeowners. They have taken the guess work out of the equation for you.

Bamboo Flooring Price

There doesn’t seem to be a standard price set for bamboo flooring. Pricing can range from as low as $2 a square foot up to $8 or even higher. Dealing with an established manufacturer has extra benefits and even if you are paying a little extra per square foot, it’s a fair bet your product will meet all the specific standards set such as environmental guidelines and quality control standards.

Where To Next?

Try this simple three step process when searching for a reliable bamboo flooring manufacturer:

1. How long has the company been in business? For future customer support, setting a five year limit should get you away to a good start.

2. Contact information. Be wary of dealing with internet based operators who don’t have an established phone contact. You want to be able to phone a number and at least speak to a real person. Be careful with email only contact.

3. Finally, as mentioned before, if the company manufactures in-house then put them on your list.

Bamboo flooring is fast becoming the new wave choice for many home owners. It’s a big investment so don’t be too hasty in making decisions during the shopping phase.