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Advantages of Underfloor Heating Over Traditional Central Heating

Many people struggle to find an energy efficient, cost-effective way to heat their home or workplace.

That is why underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Indeed, this type of heating system has many advantages when compared to traditional central heating.

Environmentally friendly

Traditional gas central heating is not the most environmentally friendly heating option. Aside from the environmental impact of extracting the gas, burning it to produce energy results in harmful CO2 emissions.

Electrical underfloor heating can be powered using renewable energy, such as wind, wave or solar power. These forms of energy dramatically reduce CO2 emissions, and can produce limitless amounts of energy.

Also, underfloor heating uses less energy to heat the home than traditional central heating. This is because the entire floor is heated, rather than a single radiator. As a result a lower temperature is needed for a similar level of comfort.

Low cost

Underfloor heating can save you money when compared to central heating. The room is heated to a lower temperature, so less energy is required. This results in lower energy bills.

Maintenance costs are also reduced, as there is no chance of leaks, which can affect radiators.


As anyone with a child will tell you, stopping toddlers grabbing the radiator can be a full time job. If there is no radiator in the room, because an alternative heat source is used, there is nothing to burn toddler hands.

Radiators are also dust traps. The uneven surfaces are difficult to keep free of dust, while the regular changes in temperature causes the dust to circulate throughout the rest of the room. Replacing them with underfloor heating means it is easier to keep the room dust free – ideal if you have asthma or any allergies.

Removing the radiators can also potentially increase storage space in your home.

Total control

Underfloor heating provides a level of control that you cannot achieve with traditional central heating systems.

Every room can be heated to a specific temperature. If you want the bathroom floor to be warmer, this can be done at the touch of a button, without affecting the rest of the home.

You also don’t have to bother with fiddly radiator controls, which are generally not as accurate as the digital controls provided with underfloor heating.

While traditional central heating is still a popular choice, underfloor heating is seeing tremendous growth, especially in new build or refurbished homes.