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Ceiling Fan Direction

There are quite a few things that many homeowners do not know about ceiling fans. They are often clueless about speeds, how to prevent wobbling, what to do if they need to install one on their own or what to do if theirs breaks. As we have worked in the industry, we have become aware that most people are almost completely ignorant about ANYTHING to do with their fans. It is our opinion that everyone should have basic knowledge about their fan and its maintenance.

With that said, there is ONE specific fact that people do not know that is so simple and easy to handle that it just must be addressed. It will make all of the difference for you and your family!

Here is the deal: For fans to work properly, the ceiling fan direction must be changed seasonally. Did you not know that? You are not alone! A lot of people are unaware of this. However, this one fact can make all of the difference in your home’s comfort level.

Basic Rules for Changing Ceiling Fan Direction

Rule #1. Your fan should run counter-clockwise (or “forward”) in the summer in order to cool the home. This forces the air in the space downward. This creates a chill effect that will keep your home cooler.

Rule #2. Your fan should be reversed in the winter and set to go clock-wise. This draws the air in the room up toward the ceiling and forces the warm air down. It also pushes the air outward toward your walls. This makes it so that you do not experience the chill of the fan’s wind.

A Few Tips

Those are the general rules but here are a few more tips that you should think about:

Tip #1. If you are doing an activity (like playing cards or wrapping presents, for example) that is disturbed by your forward running fan, turn it to the reverse and put it on its highest setting. This will draw air up and away from the table but you will get cooled from the backside as it blows back off of the wall.

Tip #2. If you are dining or setting a table of food and you don’t want the food to get cold, try reversing the fan’s direction as well. This is a trick used in the food service business often!

Tip #3. If you smoke, or if you have a guest who is smoking inside your home then you need to run the fan in reverse. Here is why: It will draw the smoke up and away from the people in the house. This is a trick used in cigar lounges. Use the medium speed and you should keep yourself or your guests from breathing in smoke all evening.

How to Do it

Use the steps below to change the direction of your ceiling fan:

  1. Turn the ceiling fan off.
  2. Wait for the blades to stop. Make sure that they are at a complete stop.
  3. Use a ladder or step stool to carefully climb so that you can reach the fan.
  4. Locate the direction switch. It will be on the motor housing.
  5. Flip the switch to the opposite direction. If it was running forward, flip it to reverse… or vice versa
  6. Step down.
  7. Turn the ceiling fan back on.
  8. Watch to ensure that the blades are moving in the direction that you wish.
  9. You’re done!