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Is It Possible to Save Money With Spray Foam Insulation?

In a word – yes. It is true that the prices of fuel rise and fall and so do the prices of electrically heating and cooling your home. Be that as it may, homeowners are always looking for ways that can help them save on their energy bills. Many times, the first place that people look when it comes to spending money in an effort to save on energy bills is to upgrading or replacing their furnace, boiler or HVAC unit. While this might help things a bit, if you still have places in your walls and ceilings where air is leaking through then you will not be fixing the problem at all. It will be just like you are turning on the air conditioning while you have left the windows and doors open.

There is a solution though and it is one that is really quite simple. By adding spray foam insulation you can start to see savings on your energy bills immediately and if you do upgrade your heating and cooling units at a later date, you will see a return on your investment that is much greater.

Getting Spray Foam Insulation

In Minnesota, the major concern there is typically heat for when the weather is cold and nasty. There are companies in Minnesota that specialize in spray foam insulation. This type of insulation is great for homes and buildings that have been poorly insulated as well as for homes and buildings that you might think are insulated properly.

Spray foam insulation is an effective solution that can assist any budget with the monthly expenditures. It will improve the actual quality of the building and the energy savings that it can lead to might astonish you. In fact, many times people will report that they paid off the cost of the insulation with their savings in energy bills in less than two years. Each year following the spray foam insulation installation satisfied customers are spending less on heating and have more money in their pockets.

Getting spray foam insulation installed in your home or building is just one way that you can gain savings from your heating and cooling bills. Here are a few more tips that can also assist in lowering your energy bills.

  • Each state has different regulations regarding energy programs. Check to see if there are any rebate programs for energy in your state.
  • Make sure that the access hatches to the attic are properly fastened and that no air is escaping
  • Cover your windows with shrink wrap in the cold months. You will be surprised at how much heat this can hold in.
  • Lower the temp on the thermostat by five degrees.
  • You can get cans of spray foam to spray around your windows and behind wall outlets to seal these up.
  • Replace any weather stripping that might be old or damaged.

Spray foam insulation will definitely help with lowering your energy bills. The longer you wait to have this done, the more money you are wasting.