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7 Tips to Help You Buy a Great Sofa

Buying a sofa or couch is not a small investment. Since this piece of furniture will stay with you for decades, make sure you consider a few important factors before buying one. Although everyone has their own style preferences, some factors must be considered no matter who is buying this item. Given below are a few important things to consider before you make this purchase.

1. Consider the Fit

If a couch doesn’t fit well, it will be useless. Make sure that the seats are comfortable enough for all of your family. The seat depth is the main fit consideration. Go for shallow or deep seats based on your height. If you have the habit of sleeping on your sofa, just make sure that it’s comfortable enough to help you have a sound sleep for hours.

2. Feel the Frame

Although you can replace cushions and upholstery fabric, the inner frame can’t be replaced easily. Therefore, the unit you are going to buy must have a sturdy inner frame. In cheaper units, the frame is made from metal, plastic or particleboard. However, high-quality units are made with ash, beach or oak. Although pine frames are cost-effective, they tend to wobble or warp within a few years.

3. Check the Joinery

Ideally, you may want to consider frames that are connected to each other with metal screws, wooden blocks, or wooden dowels. It’s not a good idea to opt for a unit assembled with glue, nails or staples only. If they are used for additional reinforcement, it’s a good thing, though.

4. Test the Arms

Don’t forget to check the arms of the unit to ensure they are sturdy enough. If you have kids in your house, the sturdiness of the arms is of paramount importance. It’s easy to run this test. All you need to do is push hard and feel for signs of wobble. In other words, the arms must be rock-solid.

5. Check the Springs

The quality of springs also matter a lot. Again, you should feel the springs to have a better idea of their quality. High quality springs are firm and provide great support.

6. Check the Padding

Make sure that the frame and the couch corners are properly padded. All you need to do is run your hands over each corner of the couch. If you can feel the frame edges through the unit, know that the upholstery won’t take much time to wear. Similarly, your couch won’t be comfortable enough.

7. Check the Upholstery

Although the quality of upholstery doesn’t impact the comfort level of the product, it matters from the aesthetic point of view. There should be no mismatched stripes or patterns. In fact, matching strips can give a great finishing look to your sofa. The patterns must be properly centered and the seams must run straight.

So, these are just a few important things that you must consider before paying for your desired couch or sofa. Keeping these things in mind is a must if you want your investment to stand the test of time.