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Why You Need Bespoke Kitchen Design

When it comes to decorating your house, you will find that little decisions such as, ‘just what shade of grey best reflects how I want to feel whilst sitting in this room’ suddenly feels like the most important choice you’re ever going to have to make. Usually people will avoid having to redecorate on a regular basis so they’re more inclined to spend more money to make sure they end up with the perfect look, rather than having to rework their interior design because it just wasn’t what they really wanted.

Bespoke kitchen design allows you to make sure that the room you get is the room you actually wanted.

With readymade cabinets, and anything you buy off the shelf, there will be a finite number of options. If everyone just accepted it and no one chose bespoke kitchen design, we would all find that we have more or less the same designs – everywhere would look straight out of Ikea. There would be no room for personal preferences and style choices, and you would just have to accept what was offered to you.

Not everything you want is available

There’s loads of features which you can only get through bespoke kitchen design. If you’re after a really clean finish to your work surfaces, and you don’t want all your appliances on display, you might want to ask for appliance garages. These are simple fixtures which you can tuck your appliances into so they’re out of the way. Perfect for hiding kettles and toasters, they make any kitchen look instantly more tidy – and they’re rarely (if ever) available in readymade formats as they need to be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Have you ever been shopping with a very specific idea in your head of what you’re looking for and then been disappointed when you were unable to find it? This is a reality for many. Regardless of whether you know what you’re looking for or not, if there’s nothing that interests you on the market you have only three options: settle for something which you don’t necessarily like, wait to see if what you’re after becomes available in time, or have the thing which you’re trying to buy made.

The third option is the only way to guarantee that you’ll be getting what you want, and that is why bespoke kitchen design, as well as tailored clothing and other bespoke production methods are favoured.

Your kitchen is an unusual shape

When your kitchen isn’t a usual or simple shape, the readymade furniture options which are available to you just may not work. Sometimes even if your kitchen is a fairly simple shape, the size of it can mean that standard size of cabinets are overwhelming, and you end up with no floor space and nowhere to put your kitchen table. There are simple ways that a bespoke kitchen design can work around this, by making sure that the style suits the room and not trying to force something which just doesn’t fit.