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Essential Pest Control Information

As the spring comes, pests will start to come out from their overwintering locations searching for the things simply found in houses- food and water. To prevent unwanted infestations throughout the warmer seasons, professionals from the National Pest Management Association persuade householders to integrate pest-proofing as a part of their yard clean up and cleaning routines in the spring.

Householders can keep usual household pests such as termites, ants, ticks, stinging bugs and other invaders from occurring in and around the house through adding some simple tasks to their house maintenance checklist:

Outdoor Tasks

• Have time to examine the outside of your house for direct access points, particularly paying attention to spots where utility pipes go into. With a silicone based caulk, seal any tiny crevices and cracks.

• Observe termite damage indications, like mud tubes, soft woods that sound empty when tapped, and bubbling or cracked paint.

• Properly landscape through cutting the grass low and making sure shrubbery, tree branches and other plants are trimmed well and must be away from the home.

• Leaves as well as other debris should be cleaned out from the gutters to avoid standing water, which could provide the ideal pest breeding ground.

• Repair rotted roof shingles and fascia; a number of insects are attracted deteriorating wood.

• Change weather-stripping and fix loose mortar on basement windows and foundation.

• Screen attic vents, windows and chimney openings. Repair any tears or rips.

• Water should be directed away from the house with properly functioning splash blocks, downspouts and gutters. Fix leaking water pipes, faucets and AC units.

Indoor Tasks

• Dispose garbage on a regular basis in a sealed garbage bin.

• Keep kitchens sanitary through sweeping floors and wiping counter tops to get rid of residue and crumbs from spills. Store foodstuff in sealed containers as well, and keep ripe fruits in the fridge.

• Vacuum once a week.

• Keep bowls of your pets clean and wash any spilled water or food around them immediately. Store pet food in sealed plastic containers rather than paper bags since they frequently come in.

• Discuss with your vet regarding a preventative treatment for your pets to help protect against ticks and fleas.

• Regularly check under the sink for moisture areas and fix any leaking pipes. Consider utilizing a dehumidifier in wet crawl spaces, basements or attics.

Spring may be a pleasant time for people to enjoy nature in the outdoors but it’s a different story indoors. Spring is also a time for certain pests to lurk inside your house. Be ready of these pests by applying the tips mentioned above.