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How to Use Heat to Exterminate Bed Bugs for Good

It is not easy to destroy bed bugs, but one thing that can kill them is hot steam. In fact, steamers are chemical-free and suitable means to treat pests like bed bugs and dust mites. Heat over 250 degrees F can kill mosquitoes as well as bugs. Follow the guideline on this page to ensure the eradication of every single bug in your house.

If you have treated an area with chemicals lately, be careful when steaming that area. This is because heat can have a negative impact on the chemicals. As a result, the residual effect of the chemical will be undermined. So, apply chemicals after you have applied steam.

Prior to steam, go vacuum carpets thoroughly in order to up the steamer efficiency. After use, get the vacuum container washed with hot water. Before refitting, let the vacuum dry out.

To get the steamer ready for use, read the manufacture instructions closely. Remember: you must be careful when using steam to keep yourself from heat.

During steaming, it is better if you start off from drapes and then move to floorboards. You can use steamers on box springs, mattresses, sofas, headboards, carpets, and floorboards, to name a few. Remember: steamers are not designed to be used for appliances.

If possible, try to use a big head for nozzle because small ones can cause the pressure to centralize, which can scatter the pests rather than kill them off. Some steamers come with a valve allowing you to control pressure. Adjust the value according to the pressure level you need.

Now, take a look at the steamer to know how to use it. The nozzle tip should be a couple of inches off the carpet surface. In addition, its moving speed should be one inch per second.

After you have finished steaming, hang on for a while to let the carpets dry out. This is one of the essential things you must do because there is a risk of mold growth if the steam is not dried out.

After you are done with steam cleaning, your job is not over. To keep the bugs out, you should examine your house daily over the next few days. Treat the carpets again even if you come across a single bug again. You might also use an EPA-approved spray along with steamer.

This was a guide describing how easy it is to treat bed bugs with steam. Are you finding it difficult or time-consuming? If so, your last option is to hire an expert pest controller.