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Pest Control Tips for the Summer

The summer time is filled with plenty of parties. Due to the warm weather they are often outside, around the grill or in the backyard. During these parties food can be left out in the sun, or never taken in to be wrapped and stored away. People seem to get caught up in their party to focus on cleaning up at the right time. When food is left out unattended after everyone is served certain pests will enter your yard and disrupt the party. It depends on specific food you have out and how long it says there. Some pests can show up right away and others will show up much later when the party has died down. It all depends on if they are nervous or just don’t mind people around.,

One of these pests that seem to show up no matter if it’s a party or not are bees. They are attracted to perfume scents and sweet food. Drinks like fruit punch with all it’s sugar attract bees to them. If you have a cooler of fruit punch keep it indoors. You won’t need to worry about bees hanging around the punch while someone wants to get a cup. Most sugary foods should be served inside. If that is not possible try to keep a look out for bees and warn everyone when they are near. You can have bee spray handy just in case the problem gets very dangerous. Keeping around Citronella candles around the food will block out the sugar attraction for the bees, causing them to stay away and not bother anyone.

At night time is when the mosquitoes like to hang around and join the fun with everyone. This is one of the worst pests around. You can’t feel them biting you but after awhile you become very itchy everywhere they have bit you. One of the best things to do in this situation is place citronella candles around your patio or deck. These candles will let off a scent to keep the bugs away. They won’t come near you so you can go inside with no bumps or being itchy from all the biting. You can also wear bug repellent, the one downside to this is you start to feel sticky or yucky. It’s like wearing sunscreen but at night. Even though you feel sticky it really helps, if you just spray your legs you’ll notice later in the night no mosquitoes or other bugs have bitten you.

Many pests roam around during the summer, they are all often bugs. Most rodents will be sneaky trying to steal food but they try to do it when no one is around. They get scared to approach us as for bugs they are tiny and don’t care. They probably don’t know any better but still.

Just watching over the food and keeping candles around will increase your chances of keeping all these pests away and you can enjoy the summer in piece.