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Removing Yellow Jackets: Not a Summer DIY Project

It’s summertime! That means warmer weather, the regrowth of plant life and the re-population of insects. Although the world could not function without insects, there are some that are very dangerous to humans and other insects alike; yellow jackets fall under this category. They may look like bees, they may sound like bees, but yellow jackets are not bees. Actually, they are wasps– an angrier, more aggressive cousin of the bumblebee. These wasps are territorial and will attack anything or anyone they feel is threatening their existence. Being attacked by wasps certainly puts a damper on a beautiful summer day.

The best way to take care of the wasps is to not do it yourself. Again: removing wasps from your property is not a DIY project. This is an action that requires skill and expertise– something that pest removal companies in every state have acquired over their years in the business. You should always contact a certified pest control company to remove your pest for you because they have the materials, chemicals and equipment to do so. In this day and age, you usually do not have to worry about the chemicals being harmful for the insects or your own family because companies are conscious about the effective their products may have. A majority of pest control companies use safe, humane and environmentally safe products to ensure the health of the pests and yourself.

So how do you make sure the nest in your tree is infested with yellow jackets and not harmless bees? Although they are both black and yellow, the two insects are still physically different from one another. Yellow jackets are not fuzzy like bumblebees or carpenter bees; instead their bodies are thinner and longer. they also carry lance-like stingers that do not fall off like the stingers on bumblebees. Yellow jackets can also sting repeatedly and do not produce honey. The type of nest present also determines who is inhabiting it. Wasp nests are made from wood fiber chewed into paper-like pulp. If you notice any of these signs, you may have a wasp infestation.

Dealing with wasps this summer can be difficult but you can easily get rid of them by contacting an experienced pest removal company. Never try to remove a yellow jacket nest by yourself because you will probably end up in the hospital because of all the stings. (If you still want to experience the thrill of the experience, just search YouTube for wasp removals gone wrong.) Trust a licensed pest removal company to take care of it.