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Basic Plumbing Tools Useful For Any Type Of Job

No matter if you are a do it yourself kind of person or a professional plumbing expert there are a few basic tools that will prove to be a necessity for your work. If you happen to be a professional you will want top of the line tools while non-professionals will normally be happy with the selection at the local home improvement store.


Whether or not you enjoy doing home improvement tasks concerning your plumbing it is a great idea to have a few basic tools on hand so that you are prepared in case of an emergency situation.

Tools For Everyone To Use

One thing you need to remember is that there are certain tools for certain jobs concerning plumbing. Just for an example, the washers that are commonly used for plumbing purposes are created from different materials and made in different sizes, which means that the types of tools you will need to work with them will differ as well.

The very first thing that all plumbers should be purchasing is a wrench. This can be a difficult task as there is quite a selection of wrenches available for purchase. Adjustable wrenches will offer you the chance to change the grip on your wrench to help take care of different jobs while a fixed wrench only offers you one type of jaw opening. Some of the many other types of wrenches include a socket wrench, a pipe wrench and a basin wrench.

Pliers should be the next item on your plumbing tool-shopping list. Tongue and groove pliers, which are a staple of most all tools boxes are very commonly, used however most plumbers will utilize water pump pliers, which are jawed.

Pipe vises are normally used for the purposes of cutting, threading and reaming pipe. Pipe vises are all designed to be able to work with pipes of different sizes. Yoke pipe and chain vises are the two most commonly used pipe vises. A yoke pipe vise is made to handle pipes that have jaws while a pipe vise handles those without. Something to keep in mind is that pipe vises are equipped to handle larger pipes then yoke vises.

No matter if you are planning to use your plumbing tools every day or just plan on using them in the event of a plumbing emergency, making sure you have these tools in your toolbox will ensure that you are ready for any potential problem.