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Fastest Plumber Always Gets The Job Done Right

If you find yourself in need of a fast and reliable plumber, the fastest plumber will do in this case. Some manufacturers, Kohler Co. and Ferguson Enterprises of Wisconsin, had a “Fastest Plumber Competition,” in which the plumber who could do the job the best and quickest took home the top prize. This competition allowed many plumbers to compete for a prize and world status as the fastest plumber. Although the completion is intense, the best plumbers from all over come to show their abilities.

Regional Competitions and Finalists

This competition evolves around doing the job, getting it done quickly and professionally. For the pass six years, these businesses have sponsored and hosted the event with the competition being kicked off with forty-six regional competitions across the country. In order to qualify for the finals, the plumbers were required to install a bathroom consisting of a Kohler toilet, lavatory faucet, and faucets and taps in a ceramic shower. The final eight plumbers were then asked to compete in the final round of competition, in which only one of them would be chosen the winner.

Competition at its Best

The final was held in 2006 at Green Bay, Wisconsin. For the final test, they were judged on skills, these amazing plumbers had to install a toilet, a bathroom faucet, and the famous, but difficult three-piece shower unit. However, this time, to show their professional quality, they also had to hook up the water line. Normally taking as long as a day to complete, the new winner completed this project in record time and beat the standing record of a full day.

As part of the contest, the plumbers selected and their families were treated as guests of Kohler Company at Kohler’s well known American Club for the weekend and as a the football game played by the Green Bay Packers football game that took place after the winner was announced at the competition.

Who Was The Winner

Robert Rousch was given the title after finishing the competition with a time of one minute and eleven seconds short of the best record the competition has had since the beginning. Mr. Rousch was also blessed with a cash award of three thousand dollars. It pays to be fast and competent in the plumbing business []. After starting out as an entry-level plumber, Robert has spent the past ten years working for one company who provides excellent service to their customers.

The Speed of Things And Quality

While you want a speedy plumber with the qualifications to get the job done, you can assure that even if your plumber did not win an award, he is still trained and qualified for this type of work. Plumbers do spend hours in school to learn everything needed. As apprentisits, they receive hands on training during the learning process, which provides for quality plumbers who stand by their work.

If you think your plumber is fast, maybe he needs some encouragement to enter the next competition to see if he can win the title. You never know, he might even surprise himself.