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Get a Head Start for Memorial Day

The honor in service:

This Memorial Day as we honor those who have courageously served and given their lives to uphold the values we deem essential to our freedoms, we are reminded of the importance of service before self. While the act of service comes in many forms, we are all called to do our part in helping improve our communities and world. Now the day calls for conservation of environment and going green. Keeping this in mind we as informed citizens need to do our part.

Preserve your eco system: Never before has the call to take action in preserving our ecosystem been more urgent and critical. Perhaps installing a rain chain has never crossed your mind as you consider how you can do your small part in helping safeguard the biosphere we all share. To appreciate the benefits of a rain chain, it is important to consider its roots. It first originated in Japan hundreds of years ago. It made sense then and makes sense now to maintain nature using the gifts Mother Nature gives us, like rain water. Rain chains were then used to capture rain water and thus help direct it back to nature.

Not merely a decorative item:

Rain chains are considered to be engaging, visually artistic and produced to beautify the home. To merely label it as being just an appealing decorative statement is not accurate. The purpose is to serve the needs of your dwelling place for the improvement of our environment. The best part is that it is made of copper which supports the green eco-friendly movement. It is a highly desirable and striking alternative to dreary unattractive plastic gutter downspouts. It possess an attractive charm that makes them exciting yet functional in efficiently channeling rain fall like a regular downspout. The functionality of the product performs the duty of directing rain water down and out through a sequence of cups or links. These links help contain rainfall and becomes a highly visual piece of adornment for your home that is irresistible.

The progress of a Green world:

With many items in today’s market place containing poisonous and hazardous materials, feel confident that copper rain chains are made of 100% pure natural copper. What this means is that they are not treated with any bio-hazardous materials that would threaten the environment or expose it to any toxins that can be harmful. Pure copper rain chains have a definite edge over plated designes. In addition to this benefit, the design is well constructed to serve as a systematic way of capturing the rain fall for future use. Using catch basins and other containers, the water cascading down the chain is a unique way of persuading one to contain the water. It is almost in the same way as one recycles water from a water fountain. This product is a precious gift and resource, as it encourages us to reuse the rain water for watering plants, washing the deck etc and generously give back to our environment.

A wide selection of pure copper rain chains:

We offer (this highlighted word can be linked to our website)you a selection of cup and link styles to choose from that will surely conform to your personal needs and liking. If you like sitting back and enjoying a visual, a link style might work for you. The link style are created to mingle creatively with the rain fall in a sort of cascading fashion. They perform in a visual fashion that are a delight to watch. If you prefer a design that fulfills the need of a more controlled fashion, a cup style rain chain will handle this efficiently.

For quick and easy installation please consider our 3 piece gutter adaptor kit. A gutter reducer serves as a way to control the flow of the rain from your gutter down into the rain chain and enhancing its performance. A copper plate is used to firmly hold the gutter reducer in place. A filter is then placed inside the gutter reducer as a way to keep debris out and prevent it from cluttering down. With a wide selection and lowest prices on the web, walk away feeling confident and energized to help with the improvement your home and for a greener world.