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Five Questions to Ask a Professional Roofer

Roofing is not normally a process that most homeowners are familiar with until they notice that they need their roof repaired, renovated, or even new roof. Even when homeowners become familiar with the process, there is still a lot to learn about the product itself. For homeowners, it is critical to know that they can rely on their chosen contractor to give them sound advice about the product and procedure. The key is finding the right contractor for the job. There are five questions that you should ask, and the contractor should be happy to assist you with them.

May I have the full name of your company and its address? If they give you post office box or a non-address, ask them for their street address so you can determine how far they are away from your home. Unless it is a big job like say, a supermarket or a chain, you will be better off getting a contractor that lives nearby within driving distance of no more than a day. They may operate their office in a different state, and they may not have the correct insurance and licenses for your state.

Does your company have insurance? Since there will be a number of people on top of your roof, there is a significant amount of liability on your part. If they carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance, you would be protected against any civil claims. There is a significant chance that anyone could get hurt while the roof is under construction. It should cover the necessary things like vehicle insurance, health, live, etc.

Does your company have the necessary licenses and credentials required by my state? Whatever state you reside in, you want to make sure they can legally work in your state. If they are out of state, but you really want them, you can speed up the process by checking with your local licensing authority on the behalf of the roofing company and yourself. It could be as simple as taking a short written exam. They may have a business license, but that alone might not be enough.

May I see some references or a portfolio? If the contractors have a website, it is likely that they will put photos of their previous jobs. Not all quality roofers have photos, but the ideal roofing company should have around ten references or recent clients.

Does your company have a workmanship warranty? In most cases, workmanship warranties last at least a year. A long warranty policy is not always better than short warranties. What is important is the roofing agency’s competency to work a roof that lasts far longer than the warranty covers.

When you ask your potential roofer these five questions, he should be able to clarify four things.

Were their previous jobs completed in a timely manner?

How responsive was he when you asked him about information and other changes?

Did he seem genuinely concerned about your interests?

Is the company trustworthy?