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The 11 Easy Steps of Felt Roofing Installation

The roof felt is a heavy duty protective layer of material that is infused with asphalt. This waterproof construction material sits between the roof sheathing and the final layer of roofing material.

If you are a savvy DIYer, laying a felt roof is something you could undertake as long as you understand the process and you do not rush the job. The following is a set of easy steps for felt roofing installation:

1. First of all, identify the area where you plan to install the roofing and measure the area to find out how much material you will need. Please be aware that that there are two types of felt roofing, the 15-pound as well as the 30-pound. 15-pound felt is the most commonly used product in the industry.

2. Next, you have to clean the roof deck well. Please make sure that it is free from any debris, especially protruding nails and other objects that could damage the material.

3. Replace any rotten or damaged material that you find on the roof deck.

4. Start the felt roofing installation at the bottom part of one end of the roof and then roll the felt lengthwise, towards the lower edge of the roof.

5. Leave the lower portion of the felt to overhand to about half of an inch to three quarters of an inch, so that any water from the roof can drip down instead of gathering on the decking below it.

6. Nail the end of the roofing felt and hold the roofing material in place while you unroll the rest of the felt roofing.

7. Secure the felt tightly on the other end, but make sure you do not rip it apart. You have to also make sure that the felt roofing is flatly laid out.

8. The next step is to nail the felt on the roof. Some rubber roofing contractors would suggest using a simplex or any kind of felting nails that have plastic caps.

9. Follow up with cutting the felt on the opposite ends and rolling the felt back to the opposite side while allowing about four inches of overlap from the first layer.

10. Overlap the ridges of the roof to about one foot and then place the felt roofing material in the same way that you did with the opposite sides of the roofing felt.

11. Finally, make sure that you cover all the nail heads with the use of roofing mastic if you want them to stay there permanently.