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What to Do When Your Roof Is Leaking

When times are hard economically like they are, a leaking roof is one of the things that can greatly depress any homeowner. Thinking about replacing your roof when money is in short supply can harass you. There is every reason to look for a different way of dealing with water intrusion in your home until you are able to replace the roof eventually. You can look for a way to do some repairs in order to save the situation but after considering some important things.

The first thing you could do is to call a qualified roofing contractor who is able to professionally fix the existing leaks. You must avoid using a person who is not fully qualified otherwise you will get into more problems than you are already dealing with. You must also know exactly what you want done and be able to explain very clearly to the contractor. While the contractor is the professional in doing the work, you must have concise plans for your house such that the contractor will work according to those desired goals. You want to avoid a situation where repairs are done wrongly.

Before engaging a roof repairman you need to make sure that your roof has a warranty as this will explain to you what kind of roof you have and the type of repair that can be done. It for any reason you realize there is no warranty or it just can’t be found, a qualified roofing contractor should be able to identify the roof type and whether or rot the material can be repaired. The roof contractor should be able to make some core cuts in order to determine the real condition of the membrane as well as what lies under it, its thickness, deck type, insulation type and attachment as well as knowing if the materials are already damp.

A good roofing contractor will be able to inform you whether your roof can be repaired and in the process give you an expert opinion on what this is likely to cost you. You will need to compare the cost of repairs with the cost of replacement such that you make a wise decision. Sometimes there may be problems you will think are small but which when left unattended to, will create major leaks in future.

Sometimes you need to determine that the leaks you are dealing with are actually emanating from the roof. There are times when leaks suspected to come from the roof are actually problems related to windows, walls, rooftop mechanical units and other plumbing issues that will appear like they are roof leaks. Once you are able to eliminate all other possibilities you can then try to concentrate your efforts on the roof itself. You need to take note that many leaks are likely to occur at base flashing and penetrations as opposed to the entire field of the roof. In trying to locate leaks you just need to check for blisters, scrapes, punctures, cracks and cuts just to be sure that they are watertight. After locating the possible problem areas, determine what can be solved through repairs and go ahead and do them as soon as possible.