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Advantages of Overhead Garage Storage and Method of Its Installation

In course of time, several useless things get accumulated in houses. Some of them are sheer wastes that somehow evade people’s eyes, while others are occasionally used. Such goods are often thrown in the garage. Overhead garage storage is the perfect solution for such issues. In this way, neither the house nor the garage would become cluttered with unwanted goods. If they are occasionally useful then they can be kept permanently while if their utility is uncertain then they can be kept until the decision is made about their storage.

About Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead garage storage is available with adjustable heights and is capable of holding more than 100kg of weight. Powder-coated steel wire and other mounting equipment are included in the package. It weighs slightly more than 15kg and measures slightly more than 1m x 1m. Besides, there is warranty for life-time on this product, which makes it quite an economical choice to resolve storage issues.

Installing the Overhead Garage Storage

A Stud finder and a driller are required for installation of this storage device. Any driller would work only if it belongs to height-power drill category, i.e. 10V or more powerful. In addition to it, nut setter of length 7/16″ and 7/64″ driller as well as sufficient numbers of screws are required too. Screws are preferable because the nails provided with the package are not of good quality. Moreover, depending upon the height of the garage and the person, ladder may be required. Since the overhead garage storage is to be mounted above a person’s own height, use of safety glasses is recommended.

It is not only simple to install but quite inexpensive too. It is very sturdy and can take the load easily, which is not a concern because of the warranty. It does not have great and refined looks. However, it must not be desired either as it would make overhead garage storage costlier, which no one would really bother to notice the shelves and storages in a garage.

Once installed, it can be used to store a variety of goods, irrespective of its utility. It is one of the most innovative ideas for improvement of living standard. Moreover, it is easily available and does not require great expertise to install. Life-time warranty makes it useful and beneficial for people of every class. All those who have faced the issue of storage may try overhead garage storage as soon as they can.