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What You Should Know About Metal Sheds

A popular choice among consumers nowadays is the decision to put metal sheds in their yards as a simple storage solution. Many people don’t know that much about these steel sheds, so I wanted to clear the air and let you in on what I know about them.

Lightweight And Easy To Assemble

First off, they are lightweight and often times come in a kit that you have to assemble yourself. The assembly process can take several hours to complete and can be frustrating for many people. The key to constructing these quickly while avoiding the headaches that come with the assembly process is organization and a helping hand, or two. The fact that they way less than 100 pounds after they are fully assembled is great because it gives you the ability to move the shed if you need to in the future.

Price And Availability

Secondly, they are one of the cheapest sheds you can find in comparison to all the other types out there. They typically range from $200-$600 and are available at many major home improvement stores and even multiple places online. They mass-produce these, so you can find them at reasonable prices no matter where you look. Every now and again you can even find them for free on places like Craigslist, all they require from you is to simply haul them away. These are the best type of metal sheds, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Some Of The Negatives

Some of the negative aspects of these types of sheds are the fact that they didn’t fairly easily and are not insulated. If you plan on moving one in the future, then chances are you will probably get a few dings in it here and there because of how thin the sheet-metal is. You can usually fix the majority of these dents by simply popping them out with your hand or by using a hammer. Like I mentioned, they are made of thin sheet metal so the insulation value on one of these types of sheds is very low. They don’t keep out moisture very well either, so storing perishable valuables inside would not be recommended seeing as how they could potentially get damaged.

These are just a few things to take into consideration if you are planning on buying a metal shed in the future. Overall metal sheds are a good choice and provide moderate protection from theft and the outside elements. They are a good choice for anyone who wants a quick fix to their storage dilemma and don’t plan on storing anything that could potentially get damaged inside.